Diwali - le festival des lumières

lundi 24 octobre 2011
par webmestre , R. Parello

Archana, 15 ans, nous explique comment se fête Diwali, un des festivals nationaux les plus importants de la communauté hindoue.
Cette année, Diwali sera célébrée le 26 octobre.

Namastey Dosto !
I write from the land of the temples, frivolous cuisines, and of course, festivals, India. And among these many festivals,the most awaited is the festival of lights, Diwali.
It is celebrated every year in the month of either October or November. It is celebrated as an old tradition, as a part of the epic-Ramayana, when prince ram, returned to his kingdom after 14 years of exile.
It is a bright & joyous festival. Cities, towns and villages are dressed up in lights(they look like the city of lights, Paris this time of the year). People all around celebrate, exchange sweets, wear new clothes, light up traditional clay bowls with oil and a wick called ‘Dias’, enjoy a different variety of gambling games, liquor and fireworks ! (They are the best part !). Different families have different ways of celebrating this lively festival. Last year, Diwali was celebrated in the beginning of November.
It’s a week-long school vacation. I and my brother, we begun by helping our mom to spring clean the house. We sorted out our old clothes & toys, and collected them in large bins. Then we moved on to see our grandmother work in the kitchen while making Delicious Indian curries and breads. It is always a delight to steal a bite from the sweet dishes. We bought new clothes. I bought a new sari, and my brother a Sherwani (an Indian kind of jacket). And a lot of firecrackers !
On the main day, we performed a religious ceremony, called a pooja, and gave our respects to the goddess of wealth ‘laxmi’. Then we were permitted to burn the crackers ! We lit different varieties of umbrella rockets, flower pots, ground spirals, and sparkling sticks ! The view is breathtaking ! Then we went around the house and lit various Dias, and finally when we were tired, we ate ! The food is always the best part. Different curries, breads, biriyanis, and desserts. When we were too stuffed to eat anymore, our parents had a surprise for us ! They took us to a charity home, and the clothes and toys we had collected in the bins were given.
The best part about Diwali was this part ; to see the smile on a small orphan child with the look of new clothes and toys, still is a memory worth living.
This is how my family celebrates Diwali, and after the day of Diwali, we have a festival called ‘bhai dooj’. It is a celebration for the bond between sisters and brothers.
Diwali is a Hindu festival, and celebrated vibrantly all through the country. And the real fun is of coming together and celebrating !
Hope to see you enjoying this festival, and to learn about the way you celebrate your Diwali !



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