Quand l’Inde s’invite à la cité scolaire - Holi in India

mercredi 9 avril 2014
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After Diwali in November, Holi was recently celebrated throughout the country and abroad.
As well as I did for Diwali, I recall that huge feast with a lot of pleasure. Lights were then replaced by colours all over the streets and the people. I was impatient, as other children were, to go out and participate to the joyful and crazy atmosphere. The goal was simple : spraying colour water on each other, trying to avoid being sprayed and yet hoping to be…. This special day was just a nightmare for my mother who made sure I would wear old clothes that needn’t be well cleaned…. Everybody was singing and laughing and enjoying.
Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is the most vibrant of all. It is filled with so much fun and frolic that the very mention of the word ’Holi’ draws smile and enthusiasm amongst the people. Holi also celebrates the arrival of Spring, a season of pleasure and hope It is one of the oldest festivals of India. There are many interesting stories associated with its origins as one moves across the different States from North to South and East to West. Paintings and scriptures depict the roots of the festival. Mythology plays a very important part in narrating Holi. The most popular stories relate to Holika Dahan and the legend of Radha-Krishan.
The Holika Dahan tradition, which is actually lighting bonfires, symbolizes the victory of good over evil and has its root in the legend of demon king Hiranyakashyap who wished to end his son’s life (who worshipped another god) with the help of his sister, Holika. She was supposed to take him in a fire which should have killed him but not her because she was blessed. The contrary actually happened and Prahlad was not harmed.


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